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High school in Mexico. Education in Mexico. Best high school
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To teach our students regardless of age

 with efficiency, equality and respect fostering the formation of

empathetic human beings who

have a lifestyle based on effort and merit. 


Rooted in the curricular goals of the mexican high school, to grow students:

  • who in legitimate, legal, respectful, critical yet propositive ways question peers, teachers, authorities and their community. 

  • who possess the emotional intelligence and critical thinking skills needed to take full responsability on their acts.

  • who ethically devote themselves to positively transform society.

About the "blended" educational approach.

This school does not require from you to attend on a daily basis and our teachers will not be focused on concentrating all the information in every lesson. 


Being part of a "blended" approach (meaning here attending just Saturdays) implies more than ever that the rest of the week you will have to take control over your own learning. Is going to be a good idea to dedicate some time, at least one hour every day, to study on your own and to do homework. You will have our support practically 24/7 by social networks, chat, email and landline or mobile phones. You will be in contact with classmates in the same way. You will also have never old-fashioned resources (books, anthologies, encyclopedias, magazines, etc.).


Regardless of your physical attendance you will be asked to deliver or send homework on time.


On Satudays during the sessions all doubts resulting from what you should have already studied will be clarified; teachers (think of them more like guides) will profuse in examples and will present a summary of the part of the course scheduled for that day.


You could always rely on teachers to manage academic or personal issues you may encounter with.

education in mexico bachilleres experimental mixta
Let's visualize our school as a ship


"Mission" is the destination dock; 
"vision" is the route chosen; 
"goals" are the instruments
needed to navigate.
All the sfaff will travel together
in a joyful permanent effort.
We are counting on you because in this ship
there are no passengers,
we all are crew!
best high school in mexico logo bachilleres experimental mixta

Our logo


The upper circle represents our whole staff

(principal, viceprincipal, administratives and teachers)

as head of an educational endeavor 

that gladly we all have embraced.


Strips ostensibly are the arms which

we look after our students with. 

At the same time, facing each other

 these strips represent our students themselves

highlighting our vision of a student-centred education

using interaction for knowledge' self-contruction.


Finally, taking a licence (pragmatically motivated) 

about the atomic model we display the "classic" one

in the middle of the students,

representing problem and project-based learning

as starting ways to practice how to overcome life's challenges.


In this manner, we take an holistic view of education so our students have the freedom to choose their own path

by taking one of the next options o combine them together

science and/or humanism, guide and/or independence.

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